My Life in Music: Template for a Do-It-Yourself Top-10 Music Playlist

playlist1My Life in Music: Template for a Do-It-Yourself  Top-10 Music Playlist

Often, music is magical for me, for you, and for most of us.

This is not a revised draft of my recent post detailing my personal musical landscape. This is not an updated draft of an article written for an academic journal such as Music Education, Music Therapy or the Positive Psychology of Music. This is not a post designed for blog platforms such as Music and the Mind, Music and the Brain or Music and the Body.

This is simply the why and how I believe that often, music is magical for me, for you, and for most of us.

Music is powerful and empowering, and potentially healing and transformative. There are so many pivotal experiences in our lives that are marked with music including highlights and lowlights, memories and milestones, ages and stages, places and people.

Select one from each category and this is your Top-10 Music Playlist

  • Childhood – innocence and good old-fashioned fun captured in playful songs and familiar cheerful tunes from home and preschool reminiscent of our friends, teachers, parents and grandparents. Wonderful music from our wonder years.
  • Teenage hood ‒ highs and lows, the popular songs we know the lyrics to without ever missing a beat. These everlasting hit songs generate a rollercoaster ride of moods and visceral memories. A tsunami of feelings.
  • High school and university – high school prom, dorm rooms, grad trips and sold-out concert venues – reminiscent of our youthful glory days. The nostalgic songs we belt out so loudly our voices are hoarse the next day. We don’t sing these songs, we scream them.
  • School, synagogue and camp communities – so many choir songs, prayer melodies, assembly songs, and campfire catchy tunes are embedded in our cherished experiences within these formative communities. Communal music brings people together and is stored in our collective memories. Great for reunions. The chorus that just keeps coming back.
  • Love and romance – ahh that sentimental song that always makes us smile and giggle. Played at weddings and is reminiscent of those special intimate moments. First kiss, first love, first dance.
  • Pity party – those sad songs we play again and again, feeling gloomy on a dreary day, lying on the couch wearing our cozy pajamas, and munching on potato chips or savouring (insert your favourite flavour here) ice cream. Kleenex required.
  • Heartbreak – classic break-up songs. No shortage of these tearjerkers – we all have a few of these cry-along songs. These melancholy tunes go well with tea, coffee, wine or beer. And chocolate.
  • Heartache – grief, loss and yearning. There’s just that something raw in the melody or the lyrics that resonates with our hurting and tugs at our heart. The songs that are sometimes too difficult to hear. We often can’t sing along because there is a lump lodged deep in our throat.
  • Larger than life – that unforgettable tune from an incredible movie or award-winning Broadway show. Ballet? Opera? Flash mob? Palooza? Something awesome, loud and grand. This song is a keeper.
  • Feel good favourites ‒ a collection of adrenaline-charged songs gathered along the way ‒ we sing-along in the shower, cruising in the car, and perform with gusto at Karaoke clubs, and they make us feel like a celebrated rock star. Liberating and exhilarating.

There’s no doubt, these special songs were written or composed just for me, and just for you. They tell our stories, invigorate our bodies, express our feelings, trigger our memories, expand our minds, stimulate our brains, fill our hearts and awaken our souls.

This Top-10 unique playlist is the abbreviated soundtrack of your life. Its classic, its contemporary, and its yours.

Have you put together your Do-It-Yourself Top-10 music playlist?


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