It’s here! Living Legacies – Volume VII (PK Press, 2018) Liz Pearl, Editor

The sisterhood is growing. Congratulations to all of the contributing authors. Thank you all for your continued interest in this meaningful initiative. Truly, I am honoured to be a helping hand in delivering heartfelt personal narratives for so many Canadian Jewish women.

As in the previous volumes of the series, this collection features personal narratives that are deeply personal and also resonate far and wide. This volume includes stories about the incredible power of philanthropy, journaling, blogging, yoga, musical and artistic expression, meditation and mindfulness. As well as family stories about legacy, heritage, faith, spirituality, anti-Semitism, Zionism, immigration, parenting, healing and community. This collection is a wonderful personal keepsake as well as a treasured community resource.

This newest volume is dedicated in memory of Janis Roth z”l, an incredibly inspiring Canadian Jewish woman. I was fortunate to cross paths with Janis many times. She is deeply missed by family and friends and colleagues and clients. May her memory be a blessing and may her legacy resonate for many years.

Please contact me directly to arrange for a reading, request a review copy or purchase books. The books are also available @ Israel’s Judaica Centre in Toronto

Please check PK Press on Facebook for updates regarding upcoming readings and workshops.

ISBN 978-0-9940377-4-9

TOC and Contributing Authors:

Ina Fichman, FOREWORD

Iris Wagner, PROLOGUE


Jen Birenbaum

Caryn Blank Nash

Debra Danilewitz

Violet Esser

Karen Flam

Monica Gewurz

Carol Gordon

Susan Hoffman

Linda Kislowicz, DEDICATION to Janis Roth Z”l

Ava Lee Millman Fisher

Sophie Narod

Brenda Spigelman Ajzenkopf

Felicity Stone

Elizabeth Wiener

Rhea Wolfowich

Judy Zimlichman

INTRODUCTIONS & INDICES from all previous volumes are reprinted.

Everyone Has a Story. What’s Yours? Share Your Story–Leave a Legacy.

PK Press


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