Canadian Magen David Adom ‒ Saving Lives Every day. “An organization with the best first responders, the best equipment and the best partners.” Liz Pearl @ PK Press

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Canadian Magen David Adom ‒ Saving Lives Every day.

An organization with the best first responders, the best equipment and the best partners.

Liz Pearl @ PK Press

As described on the website and Facebook page:

The mission of Canadian Magen David Adom for Israel (CMDAI) is to donate medical supplies and ambulances directly to the people of Israel through Magen David Adom (MDA)*, Israel’s sole national emergency, medical, ambulance, and blood services society.

Magen David Adom Israel, a full participative member of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Society, offers its life-saving and humanitarian services to anyone in the State of Israel-resident or visitor – regardless of race, color, religion, creed or orientation – and abroad when called upon during crises and disasters.

Each Chapter of Canadian Magen David Adom is dedicated to providing the maximum amount of support to Magen David Adom in Israel in its humanitarian mission through membership, donations, bequests, and special projects and functions.

Canadian Magen David Adom for Israel (CMDAI) presents a night of entertainment and intrigue!
Featuring a special presentation by Israeli Paramedics:

“FIRST 7 MINUTES” ‒ to save a life

And an astonishing performance by Oz Pearlman: Magic of the mind the world renowned mentalist.

Magen David Adom brings out the best in people including professional staff, lay leaders and trained volunteers.

The evening included a brief presentation (translated from her native Hebrew) by a survivor of a horrific terrorist attack in Israel in 2017. On that dreadful Shabbat evening a terrorist entered her home (in Halamish) and murdered her husband and two of her (adult) children, leaving her bleeding with a critical injury and unimaginable grief. With great courage, she shared her heart wrenching story of the savage attack and the bloody aftermath as two of the MDA first responders stood by her in support. The MDA paramedic and the woman embraced on stage; a truly touching moment, highlighting the essence of MDA. Saving Lives. Care. Compassion.

Wow. An incredible organization and an awesome evening of learning, entertainment and schmoozing. Typically, I am not one for galas and such; however this evening was truly a delight. A full programme including a world class performance followed by a kosher cocktail and delicious dessert reception, courtesy of ACE Catering. The evening concluded with a sleek young jazz phenomenon, Avery Raquel –performance in the Centre for Performing Arts foyer.

We learned about the miracle of saving lives in The First 7 Minutes.

  • Community training in Israel and abroad.
  • 1-0-1 Next Generation. Emergency calls answered within three seconds, thanks to advanced technologies.
  • My MDA App including accessibility, instant location and chat & video.
  • Integrated with social media including WhatsApp and Waze.

We learned about the motorized medi-cycles operated by EMTs and volunteer paramedics. These incredible high-tech vehicles are dispatched daily and are crucial in providing emergency response throughout Israel.

Of course I have known about the important work of CMDAI for decades, however, like most of us, not until I had a personal connection was my interest really sparked. Several years ago, my eldest daughter spent two consecutive summers in Israel volunteering for Magen David Adom. She had already developed a deep love for Israel, was fairly fluent in Hebrew and also endowed with compassion. She was trained in Hebrew with many international (student) volunteers and quickly became adept at MDA emergency service protocols and procedures. A rewarding opportunity to work together with MDA first responders of varying nationalities and religions.

Subsequently, she was trained to work on the specialized ambulances equipped for intensive care. Her volunteer service coincided with the summer 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict also known as Operation Protective Edge. The experiences of that summer, both on and off the ambulance, were life-changing. Being close-up and personal with grieving family members of fallen IDF soldiers is unquestionably deeply impactful. It was a transformative experience and she shared her impact statement on promotional and personal social media.

Following that summer she continued her university studies in Canada and decided to pursue a career in nursing. Nursing is an incredible career providing ample and versatile opportunity for patient care in critical care, chronic care or acute care. All of these opportunities demand critical thinking, specialized training and compassion.

I am proud of her volunteer service, her meaningful career choice and of her daily dedication to patient care.

I am grateful to the many trained international volunteers working tirelessly for MDAI in Israel and abroad. Dedicated volunteer service is at the core of this amazing organization and I applaud their passion and ongoing commitment.

MDA brings out the very best in humanity in the worst possible circumstances. The incredible services of MDA are only possible with the generous support of friends and partners in Canada and worldwide. Let’s all do our part in supporting MDAI – saving lives, every day.

Kudos to the planning committee for a dynamic and meaningful evening.


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