Four Course, Five Star‒ Greek Dinner Experience Second Annual Culinary Delights‒From around the World Featuring: Greek dinner By Liz Pearl @ PK Press

Four Course, Five Star‒ Greek Dinner Experience Second Annual Culinary Delights‒From around the World

Featuring: Greek dinner

By Liz Pearl@ PK Press

All profits are directed toward programs for adults with disabilities. (Vegetarian or dairy, COR Cholov Yisroel) – DANI Toronto

Yet another intimate gathering of the DANI community: friends, family, volunteers, and staff‒joined together in good company, delicious food, and for a meaningful cause.  Once again, thank you to everyone for making this lovely evening possible‒shout-out to the talented chef, event coordinator, staff, patrons and volunteers!

The evening was delightful from start to finish. Our dinner was impeccably prepared and beautifully served; a delicious Greek feast including authentic music and tastes. The café was transformed into a beautiful dining room decorated with bright white candles, exquisite deep blue silk linens, adorned tableware and fresh cut flowers. The evening offered the delightful sights, flavours, sounds and smells of a glorious Greek island. If only we could import the magnificent Mediterranean or Aegean Sea.  For that, we must close our eyes and dream.

Four Course, Five Star traditional Greek menu included:

  • Starters: freshly baked Greek pita with traditional dips including tzaziki, marinated beets, chopped grilled peppers and feta cheese
  • Appetizers: flakey spanakopita and moist dolmades
  • Green lentil soup with mixed vegetables
  • Main course:grilled Branzino (whole) fish with assorted vegetables and roasted potatoes or vegetarian eggplant moussaka topped with rich béchamel sauce
  • Desserts:  sweet loukoumades and smooth galaktoboureko

So much of our favourite food originates in Mediterranean countries, including, Greece. The fresh produce, herbs, and cheeses are blended into familiar recipes we savour, including savoury and sweet. Hints of: oregano, basil, parsley, dill, garlic, lemon, olive oil, pepper, mint and cinnamon.

Shout-out to Debra–our charming table hostess!

We enjoyed the traditional Greek music including instrumental and vocals performed by local musicians Kirakos Kakoulisis‒diverse in rhythm and melody, played on the handcrafted Bouzouki, and his partner on the acoustic guitar. It certainly makes for lively and engaging dinner music.

A wonderful evening of community, cuisine and ambiance was enjoyed by us all. Look for DANI-Toronto on Facebook and on Instagram.



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