DANI’s ‒ 6th Annual Art Show is coming soon. Tuesday, April 2nd, at 7PM

By Liz Pearl @PK Press

On display at DANIs Art Show

DANI’s ‒ 6th Annual Art Show is coming soon.
The upcoming evening promises to be fun-filled and colourful; this year’s theme is inspired by the CIRCUS.

Everyone loves the circus: clowns, lively music, and my favourite circus snack—popcorn.

Are you ready for the clown photo booth?!

Creative / expressive arts activities are a wonderful opportunity (recreational, educational, and at times, therapeutic) for all ages and all abilities. Let’s unleash the healing power of creativity.

Please join the fun and excitement: an exhibition of beautiful art created by the DANI participants, a live auction, concession stands, lively DJ music, and of course, DANI’s Delights–delicious treats.

The evening promises, as always, to be a feast for the senses: a magnificent mosaic of sights and sounds and tastes.

Everyone loves the circus! Clowns, animals, balloons and my favourite snack: salty and sweet popcorn!
Save the date and stay-tuned!
Tuesday, April 2nd, at 7PM

From PK Press 2018 files:DANI’s 5th Annual Art ShowA Night at the Movies ‒it just keeps getting bigger and better.  A great evening of innovative multi-media hand-made art and glitzy VIP red carpet fun ‒ Night at the Movies – DANI- Toronto – on Tuesday March 20th, 2018.  Delicious food and a caring community of smiling participants, passionate staff, dedicated volunteers and loving families. And the Oscar goes to…Anna Gruzman and her incredible team of staff and volunteers.”

Last year we were all wowed by the bold mixed-media superheroes-themed mural, adorned with reflective mirrors and a collage of our favourite comic book superheroes. “Superheroes in the Mirror”– artistic creation reminds all of us to look at ourselves and see the unique beauty within each of us; we are super heroes, indeed! What awesome masterpieces await us this year?

All of the proceeds from this annual special event will be directed towards the ongoing inclusive arts programs at DANI’s, including DANI’s Fine Lines–the DANI Art Social Enterprise.

Please check back soon for highlights and photographs from this dynamic evening, showcasing creativity and innovation at DANI-Toronto. Featuring so many one-of-a-kind creations to treasure! Look for updates on DANI’s Facebook and Instagram.

So much detail…the staff, volunteers and participants are busy putting on some finishing touches for the big night!

Finishing touches

Concentration and Creativity

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