Spring is in the Air (and in the art studio) with Dena Steinberg By Liz Pearl @ PK Press

Spring is in the air; the sun is shining and the flowers are (almost) blooming. After a long winter, we are craving milder temperatures and colour. Hello pinks, purples, yellows and greens. 💐

Dena’s hand-painted masterpieces bring beauty and detail to the canvas, and to life. Looking at her signature paintings on either the screen or in person, we literally want to reach-out and grab hold (and smell) the exquisite images. Dena’s original artwork include a range of materials, styles, and magical compositions, as well as an assortment of sensuous palettes, such as: multi-coloured bolds, glowing brights, soft pastels and sleek translucents. These hues and tones allow for nuance and depth of expression. We are drawn to Dena’s stylized blend of colour and composition.

Thank you Dena for your abundant creative energy—bringing so much colour, vibrancy and splendour into the world—that is at times dull, dim, or dark. Dena’s delightful artworks radiate positive vibes, a magical aura and are most definitely, a welcome breath of fresh Spring air.

Please note: I absolutely love the Lotus (sacred flower) series—breathtaking. The majestic Lotus symbolizes purity of heart and mind, and represents long life, health, serenity and good luck. Lotus: life in harmony—body-mind-soul.

Also, I adore Dena’s most recent radiant (seasonal) self-portrait: an artistic blend of warm and fuzzy pastel colours combined with black and blonde contrast composition. Soft and cool. Chic. (Posted below.)

Check back soon for new artwork posts and emerging styles, as Dena ambitously pursues her creative passion.

Definitely, I look forward to savouring more from Dena’s talent—a creative spark; and I wonder, what dreamy images will she bring to life for her rapt audience”. —LP

Self-portrait with “Springtime” background
Large canvas in gallery—a burst of yellow!
Multi-colored Spring floral series – 2019

“I love to explore form and colour and just enjoy the playful process of creating new context. In my abstract work I love the fluidity…”—DS

Whimsy – mixed media, bold and bright!
Funky portrait series (oil on canvas)—bold and beautiful
Oil and sponge – mauve bouquet—spectacular!
Flowers–dazzling mauve-purple palette. 💜
Applying final epoxy layer to 30X40 oil painting (funky portrait series)

“I am continually exploring abstraction from a reference while attempting to preserve the integrity and essence of the form. Truly, I enjoy exploration and the creative process is the material part of my work. My imagery is forever in flux as am I.

I recall the joy of painting and drawing as a young girl. The creative process has always enchanted me and is a fantasmical journey in exploration of form. I enjoy working with acrylic and oil on canvas, but have also worked with stone sculpture. Presently, I am loving mixed-media compositions—including texures, abstract airbrush, sponge, oil layers and most recently, digital special effects. So many awesome possibilities. All of my paintings are originals and can be sold as prints in varying sizes.

My newest collection features eye-candy—florals including a variety of seasonal favourites: Roses, Peonies, Lillies, etc… Doesn’t everyone love the inherent beauty of flowers?

Recently however, I also created a series of funky portraits, including several women and some of animals. A few larger installations can be viewed on social media—photographed as impeccably displayed on gallery walls.

Huge custom-size canvas—dappled and dusty pinks

I have studied drawing, painting and stone sculpture post university, where I obtained a B.A. in the Arts. I work from my (Toronto) home studio, beaming with natural light; and I welcome visitors to enjoy my artwork @ Denasart and my Facebook page and Instagram posts.

I am passionate about my artwork, and my long term aspirations are to continue to create a versatile portfolio of innovative work that others may enjoy and possibly be inspired. It’s truly, a labour of love.

Special thanks to Liz Pearl @PK Press for her support and encouragement in putting together this post.”—DS

Lotus 2 (Lotus series) Digital special effects
“My personal favourite–it’s mesmerizing!”–LP

For more information about Dena’s Art please visit Denasart on Facebook or Instagram or contact dras0046@gmail.com.

Liz Pearl, M.Ed., is the Founder and Director of PK Press, and the Editor of the Living Legacies Series. Please contact Liz directly for more information about posting personal narratives and profiles. Liz_pearl@sympatico.ca

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