It’s (Almost) Show Time Folks! DANI Presents: Disney’s Musical – Aladdin Jr. Liz Pearl @PK Press

It’s (Almost) Show Time Folks! DANI Presents: Disney’s Musical – Aladdin Jr.

Liz Pearl @PK Press

Monday, May 27th—Get your tickets!

The 7th annual live production by DANI participants and staff promises to be a night at the theatre to remember. Social media will be buzzing with highlight photos and video clips. Stay-tuned for Instagram posts and raving reviews.

This year’s fun-filled production is Aladdin Jr.—based on Aladdin, the 2014 award-winning Broadway Musical Show. This classic fantasy story will be performed on stage on Monday, May 27, 2019 @7pm @ Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts by an incredible all-star cast of DANI participants, and will be a definite crowd-pleaser including: magical music, creative props, colourful costumes, and many memorable moments.

Congratulations to the dedicated team of staff and volunteers working on stage and behind the scenes to produce this awesome evening for the DANI community to enjoy. Kudos to the entire troupe on this enchanted production. A special shout-out to the talented and enthusiastic director: Ashleigh Molinaro.

The stage curtain will rise, offering our first glimpse of: The Sultan, Princess Jasmine, Aladdin, Abu, Iago, and Jafar and of course…the Magic Carpet!

The bestselling soundtrack to Aladdin includes some classic songs on the all-time popular Disney playlist. Fan favourites: “A Whole new World” and “Friend like Me”.

Intermission: tasty treats, courtesy of DANI Delights (COR). Delicious.

Drama is an incredible expressive opportunity for all abilities. The DANI participants gather to rehearse for months and to perform an entertaining production for their proud families, cherished friends, devoted caregivers and the DANI community.

The dramatic arts provide so many creative activities, including: shadowing, mirroring, sequencing, improvising, singing, dancing, verbal and nonverbal expression, group dynamics and of course–performing!

“Now I’m in a Whole New World with You…”

For more information about these and other initiatives for adults with special needs visit

Ticket information: 905-889-3264

DANI’s: Developing and Nurturing Independence.

A Hand-up. Not a Hand-out.

We Believe All People Can Achieve.


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