Corona Diary ‒2020- April

Corona Diary ‒2020- April


Boom and Zoom

Liz Pearl @ PK Press

The throbbing pain in my tooth I wrote about last week (Corona Diary – Chapter 1) has gradually subsided, thankfully. For now.

Just as I was resuming my Covid routine and BOOM!—driving home from an errand, my car was smashed (by a huge pick-up truck). Thankfully, no one was injured. Nonetheless, it was an aggravating inconvenience and possibly a substantial expense, depending upon the resolution of the insurance claim. Is the cup half full or half empty? Age-old Question is staring me in the face.

Passover is soon approaching and I am definitely looking forward to the glass being full, in fact it will be filled four times. We all need to fill our cups, recount our blessings and celebrate the traditional festival in whatever ways we can. There are way too many among us who are not able to celebrate in any way, for one sad reason or another.

Highlight of the week

Several days ago my high school class (HHS, 1981) organized a Zoom reunion. We had our first ever (in person) class reunion a few years back, and it was certainly a memorable weekend in my cherished hometown—Montreal. (I posted about it back then.) We are mostly dispersed from Montreal, including: Toronto, New York, Boston, Florida, California, Israel, London and Hong Kong. Finding a mutually agreeable time was quickly established and the Zoom attendance was high. Perhaps higher than in our Talmud class, way back in the day.

PSA—I have not been authorized to post this photo. I hope that’s okay.

The virtual gathering was of course nostalgic. In our brief group dialogue we were easily connected, and I’m comfortable sharing our common sentiments. The experience was grounding, reassuring, and inspiring, as well as sobering. Lots of medical doctors in our graduating class. We are all caring for ourselves and our families, committed to our jobs and our communities; and we are worried and also hopeful. We recognize that our bond was forged decades ago, and remains in place to be reestablished as needed.

We met in the formative years; we celebrated bar mitzvahs and Sweet 16s together, (very few bat mitzvahs in the 70s in Montreal). We survived turbulent adolescence together. We travelled to Israel together, ultimately we graduated, and subsequently we parted ways. We have weaved in and out of each other’s lives for 40+ years.

Somewhere in those mid-decades many of us reconnected on social media.

Thank you Zoom for this simple platform to reunite. And yes, the strains and pains of Covid 19 were definitely the impetus for our recent regrouping. That’s okay. Now we will each go our separate ways once again, until our next Zoom meeting. Hopefully the driving force will not be another pandemic.

In-house Covid Police

From the beginning, I have been the household Covid Police, aka nagging mother. It’s a very unpopular position. That’s okay. This is not the first time motherhood has stretched me far out of my comfort zone. Motherhood is the best job and also the hardest job. Telling your parents, adult children and siblings they are not welcome in your home, albeit temporarily, is very unpleasant. But it has to be said. Effective mothering involves the heart, the mind and maternal instinct; and sometimes they are at odds, that’s the hardest part. Motherhood requires complex decisions, and there is no manual.

It’s no joke when we say, “health is the most important thing—no health, no nothing”.

Spring is almost here. Passover is upon us. This year will be noticeably different from all other Passovers in our lifetime, and we must celebrate that difference thereby adding to the ongoing narrative of the holiday.

I look forward to my Zoom, FaceTime, multimedia and multi-sensory Seder, however it may unfold. I hope we don’t crash the internet. Or burn the meat balls.

The Rainbow Blessing

My neighbourhood is filled with colourful hand drawn pictures of rainbows and superheroes posted to the exterior windows of homes. This is a beautiful and hopeful sight.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday with your family, friends and communities.

Remember: four full cups, each.

Repeat, the next night.

Wash your hands, and go to sleep.

Everyone has a Story. What’s Yours? Share your Story; Leave a Legacy. —PK Press


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