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Liz Pearl

I am delighted to feature the vibrant artwork of Talia Devorah. Throughout Covid-19 she has been creating art and posting her artwork on her social media for all of us to enjoy. Talia has a deep love for the creative arts and is demonstrating resourcefulness and creativity during these long days at home. We can all be inspired by her artistic flair and productivity.

I am so impressed with Talia’s authentic voice: her willingness to express her thoughts and share her feelings through her art, as well as in the personal narrative that follows. I’m confident that Talia will continue to be a positive role model for other young adults realizing their personal development potential with the support of art therapy activities.

This is a wonderful example of the depth and creativity of Art Therapy. Creative arts are truly therapeutic.


Hello friends! My name is Talia Flanzraich. I am a 22-year-old woman living with Asperger’s Syndrome and several mental illnesses that I am recovering from.

My love for art and visual expression started at the young age of four. During my childhood, I attended art classes at multiple art schools in the GTA. At the age of eight, I was upset that I could not draw very well. I often wished that I knew how to draw. I reached my potential to be an “amateur” artist, illustrator and character maker when I first started drawing at ten years old. Since then, I have continued to draw, paint, colour and enjoy craft-making.

At 22, I am continuing to explore my creativity and follow my passion for art to help me heal from my past. Art has also helped me cope with my challenges and gives me something positive to do to help me build self-confidence. I am continuing to do artwork so I can make tons of works to sell, donate, give gifts and decorate my space.

Here are some colourful paintings I have been working on recently:

Sweet Tart: Acrylic Geometric Abstract Painting on 24×36 Canvas
(featured image)

The painting “Sweet Tart” depicts the feelings and thoughts around food and binge eating. I created this piece of art using black paint to draw lines, circles, squiggles, rectangles and blobs. Once the shapes and lines were done, I used various shades of pink, blue, purple and green to fill in the shapes. Once the shapes were colored, I would redraw the lines with black paint to fully reveal the shapes.

The light green shapes represent Granny Smith Apple flavoured Juicy Drop Pops, the purple shapes represent Grape flavoured Hubba Bubba, Cotton Candy Ice Cream and Grape flavoured Chubby Soda that I recall trying as a child. The colour blue symbolizes Blue-Raspberry Lollipops I would purchase at the local convenience store every time I would be strolling around or joining my family on errands. The colour Pink symbolizes Bazooka Gum, Bubblegum Ice Cream, Strawberry Ice Cream Original flavoured Hubba Bubba.

I picked those four colours, because those were the colours of most of my favourite flavours of sweets. The candy store Sugar Mountain was one of my favourite stores and it was one of the motivations to creating this vivid and intricate geometric abstract painting. The mood that represents this painting is nostalgia because the colours in the painting are my top four favourite colors and the four colours I adored as a child.

Anger: Freestyle Abstract Painting on 4×7 Canvas

First, I painted the background orange to represent fire which was what I often felt when I was enraged. Once the background was dry, I drew a circle with black paint. Once the circle was created, I used various colours such as orange, yellow, green and blue to depict the “squiggles of thoughts and feelings” that would overtake my mind during my “angry episodes”. The squiggles would roam around my mind like “tadpoles swimming in a filthy quagmire” in the middle of a silent forest.

After the painting was complete, I finalized the “colour” code to represent each thought and emotion. Blue represented sadness and neglect based on my experiences with losing friends, being ostracized, disagreements with people and grief. Green represented the displeasure of experiencing emotional instability and my lack of coping with my social and emotional challenges. Yellow represented fixation on challenges, people, emotions, experiences, triggers and neediness for change. Red and orange represented irritation, frustration, anger, hostility, heated arguments, bullying, teasing, wanting to hurt people that hated me and anxiety.

Check back soon for more about my creative artwork!


Water Lily (rug-hooking)

Talia Devora Flanzraich

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