ZOOM-inar – The Covid Webinar Workshop By Liz Pearl

The Spider Model – Pattern Recognition & Problem Resolution:
Exploring the Duality of Situations in Life – opposite forces of energy, Yin /Yang
A Zoom workshop facilitated by Shlomit Kenisberg.

This dynamic workshop was offered as part of a series of online workshops focused on Self Care. Shlomit integrates different techniques to guide participants into self-exploration and create a mind shift.

This is a great time to add a workshop of any kind into our schedule. An opportunity for personal growth, leaning, entertainment, virtual interactions and a new experience to explore.

There is something for everyone. Pick a hobby, select a skill and boom! There’s a workshop on Zoom just for you.

To learn more about these workshops contact the facilitator on Facebook or LinkedIn.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”
–Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

This workshop is very much in sync with my vision of experiential learning and integrated media as well as creative / expressive activities. Visual and musical prompts are wonderful ways to stimultae our imagination and provide an engaging perspective to explore our personal narratives, including our thoughts, feelings and perceptions. I am all about exploring, sharing and transforming personal narratives.

This particular workshop series integrates creative elements from Points-of-You TM and Show-Me-Tao-Way TM coaching methods.

It was an insightful opportunity and I look forward to participating again at some future time.

Please note: the featured image above includes cards from Points-of-You TM. The images below are from SHOWME TM.


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