Pause – Re-frame – Focus – Create By Liz Pearl

Certainly these past many pandemic weeks have given many of us a chance to slow down and pause. Look at the world around us, look at the people we live with, and last but not not least, look inside ourselves. The more we look, the more we value the opportunity to re-frame and refocus, ultimately, to allow us to create or recreate ‒ or in some small way, to possibly develop or evolve. Imagine the possibilities! The pandemic is chaotic, and at times overwhelming both physically and mentally, however, the time to pause and check our internal GPS including our productivity and potential creativity is welcome.

Transition and turmoil often yield human creativity.

Confession: I haven’t taken up a new language or martial arts. However, I do love to walk around my neighbourhood and explore GTA trails, and snap some pictures along the way to share with friends and family. I have continued this refreshing routine of walking and meandering, and have enjoyed the chance to re-frame and focus my iPhone lens to capture a few more photos of the natural seasonal beauty around us.

Front lawn

I’m a very visual person. Well, I guess kinesthetic also. For years, I have used visual prompts and multi media in my work in facilitating creative and expressive arts experiences with several populations. I appreciate a variety of traditional and contemporary visual media. More recently, I have been enjoying graffiti street / mural art and innovative sand art, and I have also discovered new styles of clever infographics. So many possibilities.

I don’t think I will purchase a fancy camera or Fuji zoom lens; I’m happy to keep my photos as a very simple and casual hobby. I am however, impressed and inspired by some friends that have taken this artistic activity and their aesthetic vision to the next level. I’m satisfied with sharing mine on Facebook and occasionally Instagram, and I really enjoy viewing others’ travel pictures in my feed.

Pre-pandemic I was fortunate to visit several countries with magnificent flora and fauna. In recent years, I have travelled to Thailand, South Africa and Madeira Island Portugal, and each of these awesome countries offered spectacular vistas and sights. I think those trips got me more excited about taking pictures. The African safari in Kruger National Park, visits to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden and Madeira Botanical Garden provided a feast for the senses. From time to time, I review the memorable photos from these trips, now organized into keepsake photo-books.

Madeira Portugal
Madeira Portugal

There is nothing quite like the beauty found in Subtropical, Savannah, Desert and the Rain-forest, and other unique bio-diverse regions. The natural beauty created by the oceans and mountains and land and sea, and of course, the wildlife is mesmerizing.

These days, my travels are very much local, and that’s okay because there is plenty of diversity and beauty to capture. Simple images can be recreated again and again, each time with a fresh perspective. Lots of sunshine (some rain) and of course vibrant colours and interesting textures. Here is a selection from the past few days. And I look forward to adding to this collection of photos…

There is always room to expand our imagination and creativity in new ways. We just need to change the angle or shift our lens and focus.

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