Yoga in the Park Liz Pearl @ PK Press

Yoga in the Park
By Liz Pearl @ PK Press

Back in January 2019, I took a deep dive into some of my thoughts on Yoga, titled: New Year – New Chapter ‒ The Year of the Yogi?! I enjoyed the writing and rather appreciated my quasi foray into Yoga, but it didn’t last; I soon slipped back into my longstanding fitness habits: elliptical, walking, kickboxing, Pilates, stretching and more walking. Coffee, schmooze, repeat. I don’t need to be convinced—I know and honour all of Yoga’s core principles; I just need to do it. My daily news-feed is filled with awesome colourful Yoga‒inspirations. There just seems to always be one excuse or another around the corner…

Enter Covid and quarantine. Like so many others, I tried out many innovative Zoom classes including a few Yoga classes. Still, I wasn’t hooked. For me, the time arrived to step-out beyond Zoom and into the fresh air.

This week, I had a wonderful multi-purpose opportunity – Yoga in the Park.

We gathered in the shade of a neighbourhood park and lay down our mats physically-distanced from Marda and each other. Just enough space to safely call our own and hear Marda’s calming voice gently guiding our practice.

Breathe in, breathe out. Shhhhh…

It was refreshing to feel the morning summer breeze and warm sunshine greet our bodies. Surrounded by magnificent Maple trees, majestic Pine trees, and staccato chirping Bluebirds and Cardinals. The bright green Maple leaves and sturdy dark brown tree trunks provide the ultimate visual images. Yes, some tickling ants and buzzing flies too. A neighbourhood barking dog, and one (distracting) lawnmower in the distance! All of our senses are awakened.

The classic yoga stretches and poses seem so much more suited to the natural beauty of the outdoors; reaching to the sky, grounding in the solid earth and saluting the brilliant sunshine. I always feel compelled to strike a classic yoga pose when I am climbing a mountain, or stretching down by the riverside or strolling by the lake; it just seems natural. It’s incredible how we are rooted and yet we yearn for wings. It’s easier to focus our body and still our mind in an unspoiled inspiring setting. Aren’t we all searching for a magical landscape offering beauty, peace and quiet?

Our gracious facilitator and master guide for Yoga in the Park is Marda Sperber – an inspirational woman and well-trained Yogi; she brings her entire being to her eclectic practice. Marda has a superior knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and Chakra meditation.

Marda reminds us to constantly keep in touch with the rhythm of our breathing and our patterns of energy flow. We are each on our own journey; the instructor offers us navigation, techniques and wisdom.

ReflexEnergise – “Gently working on the whole person to balance energy in the body, mind and spirit.

FYI – Marda is also an enthusiastic instructor of Zumba and Ecstatic dance.

For more information including a list of all available services (now available on Zoom and in person) and the weekly schedule visit

“I’m honoured and humbled to help guide, balance & energize you by listening to your body & heart’s messages to create your own personal healing path.

With love, compassion, energy & light, attracting all you need for your highest good for your personal journey. Guiding your inner light to connect with the best modality for you…. creating homeostasis, allowing the systems in your body to work together in balance, harmony and ease. Giving you tools to connect with your inner power, enabling you to shine bright from within and live life to its fullest!

Reiki, Meditation, Yoga & Life….. All a continuous practice.
I hope to never stop growing as I enjoy all that life has to offer!
May the Long Time Sun Shine upon you,
All love surrounds you. And the pure light within you, Guide your way on…”
Namaste – Marda

For more info contact Marda @ 416-697-3910

I can’t promise that I will ever truly be hooked; but, I will certainly not dispose of my yoga mat. Shhhh….I think I hear the leaves on the trees blowing in the breeze and the singing birds calling me back to Yoga in the Park. It’s a sacred opportunity to slow down, breathe, connect with our internal and exterior worlds and energize. It’s all about the mind-body-soul connection.

Everyone is welcome good vibes only. Yoga in the Park is a delightful way to start our day in the summer of 2020 Covid stay-cations.


Please contact Liz @ if you are looking for support in writing your personal narrative or developing your legacy writing project. 

Everyone has a Story. What’s Yours? Share your Story; Leave a Legacy. —PK Press


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